GrandStand Music Festival is a nonprofit

organization that merges the arts with social activism

into one-of-a-kind events that take a stand against sex trafficking in the state of Michigan.

OUR MISSION GrandStand Music Festival aims to enrich Michigan communities through high quality musical performances, and to use these concerts to raise funding and awareness to help combat sex trafficking in Michigan.

OUR VISION GrandStand Music Festival will unify musicians, community members, and organizations against sex trafficking through music.


At a GrandStand event, you will hear

music ranging from hip hop to classical,

performed by local talent and internationally

recognized artists. 

You will also hear from keynote speakers from local organizations working to address human trafficking and related issues. Enjoy a wide variety of activities and opportunities to donate during the show including raffles, silent auctions, art exhibits, information booths, and more! 








Through music, we create a high-energy experience that informs and inspires action.  Simply through attending one of our events and learning how to recognize and report human trafficking, you have taken a major step in learning what you need to know to make a difference where you live. 


According to the 2018 State Department Report on Trafficking in Persons,

increasing awareness plays a substantial role in reducing demand and overall instances of the crime.



    Sex trafficking is a complex issue that stems from a variety of root causes such as poverty, drug addiction, and child abuse. At our 2019 event, over 130 audience members had the chance to visit resource tables from 13 different organizations working to address human trafficking or a related issue. We aimed to bring these organizations together at one event to spark conversation about how these many interrelated issues contribute to putting an individual at risk of being trafficked. Organizations and institutions like the Kent County Human Trafficking Task Force, Families Against Narcotics, the Salvation Army, Child Protective Services, and more spoke between musical performances about their role in stopping sex trafficking. 

100% of proceeds from our                               will be donated to support

The House of Promise, a Lansing based 501c3 organization involved in the rescue and rehabilitation of female victims and survivors of sex-trafficking.


| President/CEO

Kayla Green is a masters student in violin performance at Michigan State University. She loves performing, teaching, and arts administration, and has pursued an eclectic career that combines the three by performing across the United States and Italy, working in the development department of the Grand Rapids Symphony, and teaching private and group violin classes and orchestra clinics. Born and raised in

 West Michigan, Kayla started GrandStand Music Festival in an effort to heighten awareness in Michigan communities for this surprisingly common injustice through music events that inspire hope, solution-seeking, and action.

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