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Through GrandStand Music Festival, we hope to unite as many organizations as we can under one roof for a day out of each year to educate audience members on the work they are doing to address human trafficking and its many root causes. Throughout the afternoon, concert attendees will be given the opportunity to visit resource tables from organizations. They will have the opportunity to talk directly with organization representatives and learn about all of the amazing work that is being done to create positive social change in our community. 

The Michigan Abolitionist Project

Meet our 2019 partner organization! Here is what they have to say about GrandStand Music Festival: 


"Our culture shifts when we become aware and open our eyes to the injustices of our world. 

When you attend The GrandStand Music Fest, a concert that brings attention to the human-trafficking that’s taking place in our own neighborhoods, You will: 1. Support the Michigan Abolitionist Project, an organization that is fighting trafficking through education and prevention on a state-level. And 2. You will have the choice to move your compassion to action. 

The Michigan Abolitionist Project seeks to mobilize individuals, professionals, organizations, and advocates alike to join the anti-trafficking movement. We need people who will not turn their eyes away, but rather, face this injustice and do something about it!

We all have the ability to do something.. Even if the one thing you do is become aware so that you may be empowered to prevent it in your own life. 

Join us, May 5th, to listen to those that are using their gifts & talents to speak life and freedom over our city, over our state, and over our world." 

Kent County Human Trafficking Task Force

This organization strives to respond as effectively as possible to help victims and hold traffickers accountable. A speaker from the task force will talk about how you can help by learning how to recognize and report human trafficking where you live. 

Learn more: http://stopthistraffic.org/why-kent-county/

Grand Rapids Symphony Mosaic Scholars

The Grand Rapids Symphony has a multifaceted commitment to diversity and inclusion throughout its programming, educational services and outreach. The Mosaic Scholars program provides funds for talented African-American and Latinx students to take private, one-on-one lessons with a professional musician from the Grand Rapids Symphony. The symphony plays a big part with the Scholars, mentoring them and giving them opportunities to find out who they are and/or want to be.The opportunities given by the Symphony to the Mosaic Scholars make these teenagers better people, musicians and artists.

Learn more: https://www.grsymphony.org/mosaic-scholarship

The Salvation Army

Along with providing immediate refuge and relief for victims, we take a holistic approach to healing and helping each client move from a state of victimized enslavement to God-centered self-sufficiency.

Learn more: https://www.salvationarmyusa.org/usn/fight-human-trafficking/

The Grand Rapids Red Project

The Grand Rapids Red Project is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to improving health, reducing risk, and preventing HIV. Since 1998, we have served the city of Grand Rapids by providing people with access to the tools, information, resources, and support that they need to stay healthy. We maintain a focus on empowering individuals to make any positive change, as they define it for themselves, in their own lives and in their communities. We envision a world in which everyone has access to the health related services that they need, when and where they need them.

Learn more: https://redproject.org/

All of the Above Hip Hop Academy

All of the Above Hip Hop Academy (AOTA) serves Michigan communities as a Hip Hip cultural resource existing to produce leaders by building culture, community, and providing opportunities to youth/teens to artistically express themselves . AOTA challenges humans to be socially responsible with their place in society.

Learn more: http://alloftheabovehiphop.org/

Families Against Narcotics

Founded in 2007, Families Against Narcotics is a grass roots organization based in Macomb County, Michigan. Since that first town hall meeting, FAN has held monthly meetings in that same church basement. A safe place where people can face and learn about addiction from others who have had similar experiences. Hundreds have walked through those doors over the past few years, including families affected by addiction; concerned citizens; law enforcement; judges; health care professionals; leaders in education, business, and religion; and recovering addicts.

We work tirelessly, educating young adults, parents, school personnel, law enforcement, judges, and most of all doctors and other health care professionals of the dangers of prescription drug abuse, especially painkillers. FAN offers over 34 monthly support meetings across the state and we currently have 22 chapters in Michigan and we launched our first out of state chapter in Madison North Carolina in the fall of 2017.  

Learn more: http://alloftheabovehiphop.org/

61Syx Teknique Street Dance Academy

61Syx is a collective of dancers who believe in empowering the community through the different styles of Street Dance. By using HipHop’s “In the now – movement” mentality to build character, confidence and individuality. We believe in passing down the legacy of Breakin’(breakdance).

The various styles of street dance carry many lessons to be learned about patience, drive, dedication, and originality. One of the core values of this dance is to create a free self expressive art form connecting yourself with the music. As your journey develops, you will find that each of these dances help exercise your mind, body, and soul.

HipHop Culture is one of the most popular sub-cultures today, and has influenced millions of people across the world. We believe in celebrating and passing down it’s original dance styles in it’s purest form. While proving that the lessons you learn while dancing know no boundaries, and apply to everyone.

Learn more: https://61syx.com/about/